Law Office Urge was founded as a family law practice in 1993 by Revered and Prominent Attorney Leo Urge.
Dispute resolution has been a key practice of the firm since foundation both in civil and administrative proceedings.

I joined the law firm in 1999 and since then we have consulted our clients also in EU Law issues in the Estonian and English languages.

The clients of Law Office Urge are both Estonian and foreign private persons and legal entities as well as governmental authorities and NGOs.

Since 1993 Law Office Urge has represented clients successfully in complicated legal disputes in the areas of business law, company law, property law, family law and energy law as well as inheritance related issues.

Numerous International clients have entrusted me as their legal advisor and trustee, acting under POA in various business transactions, shareholder meetings, banks etc.

My law office stands as a fortress of security and protection for my clients!