Academic Background:

⧽ Tartu University, Faculty of Law, magna cum laude 1994;

⧽ Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Master in International and Comparative Law 1996-1997;

⧽ Institude d’Etudes Européennes (ULB) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels: Law and Institutions of the European Union 1994;

⧽ Stockholm University, Law Faculty, Baltic Exchange Program 1993;

⧽ Member of Estonian Bar Association since December 1994.

Work Experience:

⧽ A trainee lawyer in Baker & McKenzie Stockholm Office in May 1993;

⧽ 1994-1999 Attorney at Law in Law Office Kaasik & Co, Tallinn Office of Scandinavian Business Law Group;

⧽ Attorney at Law in Law Office Urge since 1999;

⧽ 2002 founder and member of NGO Viinistu Art and Conference Centre;

⧽ September 2005 – present a supervisory board member of OÜ Kalevi Veekeskus.

I am a devoted supporter of Estonian art and culture. Since December 2016 I am a member of KUMU Art Lovers’ Association.

In 2016 I began an intensive study program at The Tallinn Holistic Institute to bridge my knowledge in the field of law and human psychology to further and create better results for my clients.
New mindset – New results.